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Change Your Believe System

There is a reason to be a big believer in repetition. if you hear something again and again you are likely to understand it and if you hear enough, you are likely to use it and this is the outcome for you. Remember, power is use, not just knowledge.

Your brain will do anything to avoid massive pain so here are the steps we are going to use to changer our believes.

1) Identifying believes you want to change

What are the believes, the controlling believes that are limiting your life most? Go through all believes you have: believes about relationship, believes about money, believes about people, believes about your religion, believes what is and is not possible, believes that are stopping you from achieving the level of success  that you are really committed to.

Great sample of believes that make people complaining:

2) Linking massive pain to your present limiting believes

3) Creating new set of empowering believes to replace the old ones

The good believe example is  belive about age: I am to young to start my own business, I am to young to go to work, I am to old to learn foreign languages, I am to old to find new job… and so on.

We need to understand that youth is not age but energy and focus and as long as you have passion and enthusiasm you are not too young or too old for anything! You need to switch one generalization that limits you to another one that gives possibility to go forward the path you want in your life.

4) Linking massive pleasure to new believes you want to adopt in your mind.

It makes me more closer to people, it allows me to speak freely to people I met first time, it gives me power to do things I was only wondering about…

The Past Is Not Equal The Future!

People that produce results understand that the past is the past. It can give learning and the distinctions  but not control present or future.

There Is Always A Way

No mater what is going on, how impossible things look, there is always the way to make happen what you want. It is great generalization  to live by.

How to link all pain to belive you want to change?.

Experience all the pain from the past to belive you want to change. Link all the present pain to it and imagine how much pain it can bring you if you will not change. If you connect enough pain to this belive your life will change automatically –  the used leverage will not let behave in an inappropriate way.

The dickens pattern

You have to be willing to really associate and feel pain you have right now or will have because of particular believes. The opposite feelings are needed to be connect to believes you want to have. To make process easier I upload part of audio with Tony Robbins questions.

Pobierz: Dickens pattern


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