Personal Power day_7

Manage Your Life, Not Your Time

If we have high standards, there is a large demand on us. Most people, as they start to really succeed they often get more stressed because then they have more demands, higher expectations  and more responsibilities that come with that success.

What is time?

Time is nothing else but a feeling. It is not a time that make us stressful, it is the feeling we generate that we call time. What you experience in your life, what you feel is completely controlled by what you are focused on. If you focus on all the things you got to do it is the fastest way to get yourself completely overwhelmed. What will immediately change the direction of your life is when you focus on what you really want and secondly why do you want it. So you can find the reasons that will drive you and then decide what actions will you take to make it happened. To do list is the third question. Focus determines whats do we feel. Whatever will you focus on, you are going to feel it. If you focus on what you are missing you will feel like you missing it, if you  focus on what do you want you will get it because our brain is moving us towards whatever we are focusing on.

According to the idea above we can not focus on our fears or the things we do not want to happen, but use all the energy to focus on what we want. We can change our focus by asking ourselves different questions. Questions control what we are focus on so we can use them to control our focus. If you just ask yourself: Why does this always happen to me, you will come up with all kinds of reasons why your life is so messed up. If you say “How can I use this” you will come up with different ways to apply what you already know to make things better in you life.

What Do I Need To do?

There is the question that all time management is based up on. The question is: What Do I Need To Do?
The answer to this question is going to be powerfully shaped by a state of mind you are in. If you focus too much on one part of your life the others parts will not be fulfilled. You need to understand that on whatever you will focus you will do well. Decide in advance what it is you want to focus on, what is the result you really want to achieve on each area of your life. Get your every single day to be focused on  what will take you to really get the result you are after.  This is the classic example of mistaken movement for achievement. Making to-do-list  does not have any sense if you will not figure out why do you have your goals.

Power of chunking

Most people make their life so complex so they do not know where to start. Just thinking about all things you have to do keeps you  from growing them. If you want to go for a trip you can chunk the preparation for journey  to so many pieces that they will overwhelm you because each of the things you have in mind can bring a problem, every single thing is opportunity for failure. According to this you need to group all the pieces that are needed to make a puzzle in the idealized groups thar are simple in your imagination and can bring you joyful  in accomplishing them.

Areas of your life that matter most: Body, Family, Career, Spiritual believes, Friends, Finances

Ask yourself a question what do you want to improve on each of those areas in the nearest 90 days, then ask how you can plan your next month to get closer to your plans, again do the same for one week, tomorrow and today!


~ by howbadoyouwant on May 5, 2012.

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