Last four days

To keep track of my life I will cover how my days looked like from last thursday till today… in short of course.


I helped my friends in directing promotion movie for upcoming IT conference by playing a role of ‘bad’ guy. The final version of this production will be post here as soon as I get it.


The next five hours spent on film set. Then 2 hours on my first lesson for  driver’s licence category A. I can say now: If you have possibility to get category A and get a motorcycle just do it! The friday night barbecue as a final point of this day.


Bike tour with my friends, route:  Cracow – Kryspinow – Cracow, distance: 35 km. Saturday night drinking beer with friends in one of the Casimir’s pub garden.


Whole day spent in Kryspinow. This time with bigger group of friends and barbecue. Delicious grilled food for dinner, great cold water and sunbathing on the beach. After being late for the bus to Cracow  – joint ice cream eating.


~ by howbadoyouwant on April 30, 2012.

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