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If you experienced annoying adds like that shown below, there is a solution.

Web page that contain helpful information:

And my solution using ad muncher:

Hope the annoying ads just gone for a while.


Personal Power day_9_10

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Change Your Believe System

There is a reason to be a big believer in repetition. if you hear something again and again you are likely to understand it and if you hear enough, you are likely to use it and this is the outcome for you. Remember, power is use, not just knowledge.

Your brain will do anything to avoid massive pain so here are the steps we are going to use to changer our believes.

1) Identifying believes you want to change

What are the believes, the controlling believes that are limiting your life most? Go through all believes you have: believes about relationship, believes about money, believes about people, believes about your religion, believes what is and is not possible, believes that are stopping you from achieving the level of success  that you are really committed to.

Great sample of believes that make people complaining:

2) Linking massive pain to your present limiting believes

3) Creating new set of empowering believes to replace the old ones

The good believe example is  belive about age: I am to young to start my own business, I am to young to go to work, I am to old to learn foreign languages, I am to old to find new job… and so on.

We need to understand that youth is not age but energy and focus and as long as you have passion and enthusiasm you are not too young or too old for anything! You need to switch one generalization that limits you to another one that gives possibility to go forward the path you want in your life.

4) Linking massive pleasure to new believes you want to adopt in your mind.

It makes me more closer to people, it allows me to speak freely to people I met first time, it gives me power to do things I was only wondering about…

The Past Is Not Equal The Future!

People that produce results understand that the past is the past. It can give learning and the distinctions  but not control present or future.

There Is Always A Way

No mater what is going on, how impossible things look, there is always the way to make happen what you want. It is great generalization  to live by.

How to link all pain to belive you want to change?.

Experience all the pain from the past to belive you want to change. Link all the present pain to it and imagine how much pain it can bring you if you will not change. If you connect enough pain to this belive your life will change automatically –  the used leverage will not let behave in an inappropriate way.

The dickens pattern

You have to be willing to really associate and feel pain you have right now or will have because of particular believes. The opposite feelings are needed to be connect to believes you want to have. To make process easier I upload part of audio with Tony Robbins questions.

Pobierz: Dickens pattern


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If your self esteem is connected to external results, you will fall into complexes once you commit failures and become proud once you have successes. Neither of them gives freedom.

Personal Power day_8

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Values and believes

Pain and pleasure are the controlling forces in human life, but specifically you and I, throughout our lives have learnt to give labels for different levels of pain and different levels of pleasure and those labels are called values.

If you had to choose which would you rather have: success, adventure, love, comfort, security?

Which would you pick if you had to decide and could choose only one?

All of us have learnt different words that are called emotions and to give them levels of importance. All emotions on the list above for most people are pretty much pleasurable but everyone has its own hierarchy of values that is guiding his everyday focus. We only pay attentions to a small band of our experiences and our values tell us which states we should pay attention to.

We can distinguish two types of values:

1) moving towards values: love, attraction, power…
2) moving away from values: anger, frustration, pain, embarrassment…


How does your brain decide if you are going to do something or not? It evaluate the experience that is connected in your mind to taking this kind of action. It is highly likely that person who has adventure on the high position on its hierarchy will parachute jump without asking questions whereas other person who’s highest value is security will never take that kind of risk.

Step one:

Answer the question: What is the most important in your life, and then assign those things to values they can be described by. If you think relationship – you mean the feeling you will get out of it, if you think money – you mean the possibilities they will bring you.

Step two:

Understand what are the feelings or states you would do almost everything to avoid. All the results of action taken by you in the past affect your values. The values are shaped by you parents when you are a kid, later by teachers and friends, finally when you get knowledge what there are you can shape them by your own knowing the direction they will take you.

Even if you do not want to change your values there is the thing you need to do. It is to understand the power of believes to impact the quality of your life.

Your believes and values work together to determine how you are going to feel.

The target is the values but how do you know if you hit the target or not? That is based on your believes and your believes are generalizations of rules set by yourself about what has to happen for you to experience a certain result in your life.


If I make a lot of money I will be successful, if I will find a girlfriend I will feel more attracted to others, If you respect me then you will never raise your voice on me and so on.

All of us have different rules even having the same values and we have to remember about it! For some people to respect other person means to never raise voice over her but for others that means to be honest with that person, outspoken with all the feelings we have in the moment even if we sometimes have to shout! The bottom line of disrespect can be (and in my case is) when in the middle of argument the other person will get up and walk out of the room. Others this kind of behavior can treat as a way to keep respect themselves if someone speak with higher ton of voice to them. Those examples describe how important is to understand values and rules that are linked to them because unawareness can bring pain that we do not look for.

Take another look when you feel uncomfortable with other person behavior. Make an effort to ask proper question and everyday situations that usually were hard to deal with will became easier.

The homework for today – understand values that are the most important for you and figure out what are the rules that let you feel them met.

Personal Power day_7

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Manage Your Life, Not Your Time

If we have high standards, there is a large demand on us. Most people, as they start to really succeed they often get more stressed because then they have more demands, higher expectations  and more responsibilities that come with that success.

What is time?

Time is nothing else but a feeling. It is not a time that make us stressful, it is the feeling we generate that we call time. What you experience in your life, what you feel is completely controlled by what you are focused on. If you focus on all the things you got to do it is the fastest way to get yourself completely overwhelmed. What will immediately change the direction of your life is when you focus on what you really want and secondly why do you want it. So you can find the reasons that will drive you and then decide what actions will you take to make it happened. To do list is the third question. Focus determines whats do we feel. Whatever will you focus on, you are going to feel it. If you focus on what you are missing you will feel like you missing it, if you  focus on what do you want you will get it because our brain is moving us towards whatever we are focusing on.

According to the idea above we can not focus on our fears or the things we do not want to happen, but use all the energy to focus on what we want. We can change our focus by asking ourselves different questions. Questions control what we are focus on so we can use them to control our focus. If you just ask yourself: Why does this always happen to me, you will come up with all kinds of reasons why your life is so messed up. If you say “How can I use this” you will come up with different ways to apply what you already know to make things better in you life.

What Do I Need To do?

There is the question that all time management is based up on. The question is: What Do I Need To Do?
The answer to this question is going to be powerfully shaped by a state of mind you are in. If you focus too much on one part of your life the others parts will not be fulfilled. You need to understand that on whatever you will focus you will do well. Decide in advance what it is you want to focus on, what is the result you really want to achieve on each area of your life. Get your every single day to be focused on  what will take you to really get the result you are after.  This is the classic example of mistaken movement for achievement. Making to-do-list  does not have any sense if you will not figure out why do you have your goals.

Power of chunking

Most people make their life so complex so they do not know where to start. Just thinking about all things you have to do keeps you  from growing them. If you want to go for a trip you can chunk the preparation for journey  to so many pieces that they will overwhelm you because each of the things you have in mind can bring a problem, every single thing is opportunity for failure. According to this you need to group all the pieces that are needed to make a puzzle in the idealized groups thar are simple in your imagination and can bring you joyful  in accomplishing them.

Areas of your life that matter most: Body, Family, Career, Spiritual believes, Friends, Finances

Ask yourself a question what do you want to improve on each of those areas in the nearest 90 days, then ask how you can plan your next month to get closer to your plans, again do the same for one week, tomorrow and today!

Personal Power day_6

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There are four classes of experience in life

Class ONE  – something that feels good, it is good for you, it is good for others and it serves a greater good

Class TWO
– something that does not feel good, but it is good for you, it is good for others and it serves a greater good. Those are the ones the most people want to avoid but those are the secret to joyfuless and succesful life.

– something that feels good, but it is not good for you, it is not good for others and does not serve a greater good. This is a crap we usually do at a regular basis.

Class FOUR
– something that does not feel good, it is not  good for you, it is not good for others and does not serve a greater good.  Why are we doing it? Because of  the fear or just bad habits we have.

The thing we want to get from today session is to learn how to convert Class TWO experiences into Class ONE experiences.

There are six human needs

Need  Of Certainty/Comfort

For large group of people certainty equal survival. Think for a while how do we met this need. Understanding our needs is understanding how to make our lives work. We all have the same needs but still different vehicles to met them. We can put slash between certainty and comfort and because of comfort we want to feel actions are taken. The example can be reaching for some food in stress or cleaning room and organizing desk to postpone making a hard call. We know, those things give as the feeling of control and this is the reason we behave this way.

Some vehicles are neutral, they meet your need but they do not really improve your life. Some are destructive, it will mess your life up if you use them, but the problem is you can got eat like crazy and feel comfortable each time you opening the fridge.  The example of positive vehicle is faith and it does not matter what religion you believe. Be sure that you are guided, that there is spiritual power that  will take care of  your life to go in the direction it should. The positive  identity  for yourself is another great vehicle to use. You have  enough your own experience, you are already smart enough to be sure that whatever happen you will deal with it.

There is the real problem that comes out with need of certainty. What happened when you got totally certain? Firstly you feel comfortable, you are confident and have no worries, but after a while when you are able to predict all what will happen you get bored.  The killer is that you have the second need that is directly in conflict with the first one and this is the paradox – you have the  need the uncertainty.

Need Of Uncertainty/ Variety

Certainty can give you the sense of peace but if you just seat around in peace all the time you will become just bored person. You can possess all you can only imagine but if you have no variety in you life you get depressed. You are not designed to be in peace – live is a movement, life is an emotion. And even if it looks like those two needs are in conflict, they actually are complementary, they serve us. If you know the result of a football game, all the action during the match before it even happen – would you be exited about watching it? In relationship it is the same, if you really certain about each part of relation you get bored! So you need variety, challenge, you need to do new things, to have deep talks that are not about whether!

Sometimes people choose poor vehicles. They devaluate they values to get their needs met. It is not a good thing – if you pick the  wrong vehicle it creates more pain. It gives you experiences that feel good but are not good for you, are not good for others and do not serve greater good. We need to understand what type of need we want to met and choose the most productive way to do this.

The alcohol is often the choice that let people change the state of their mind. You need to remember that this is a destructive way of meeting your need.  They can meet them in a short time but they will cost you in a long-term. The way you feel after drugs or alcohol are the Class THREE experiences – they feel good but they are not good for you, they are not serve others. Keep in mind that it is not possible to leave the vehicle you already use to meet you needs. The only way is to switch one vehicle to another. Otherwise you will use back the one you ‘left’ in real short time!

How do you try to get certain in your life, what you do to feel comfortable?
What about variety? What  are some of the ways you create uncertainty in positive way , how you create surprise in your life?

Need for Significance/ To Be Needed/ To Be Important for Others

Some people feel sense of significance by learning new things, by  being unique. Others like to be in hospital seeing all their relatives visiting them. Everyone has its own way to feel significant, but the main rule is to be different. If there were a group of clones of one person – would it be hard to lose one of them?

Need for Connection and Love

It is the one you can find having best friend, partner and good relation with your friends and family. If you are so busy being significant, being unique you are different from others and that separates you from people. Many celebrities  do not feel connection with anyone, they are  often alone at their great mansions.

Need to Growth

We are not happy unless we are growing as people. It does not matter how much you achieved, how many people think you are wonderful – growth is it. Look at the people who are the best at the world in what they do, who everyone else is admire  but they are not happy because they STOPPED growing. That is why no matter what standard you’ve  achieved you got to have the higher standards for yourself, you got to keep going forward. Growth equal life.

Need to Contribute/ to Be Beyond Yourself

Everything should serve the higher purpose, to serve the greater good not just its self  or will not last – including you. Are not you most happy when you know you have done the right thing? It is the wonderful feeling that is very important to feel there is a reason why we are in the place we are.

Little secret

Whatever need you want to fulfil in your life – give it. Whatever need you want to receive – give it. If you will make somebody feel needed, feel special then more than likely they will make you feel needed.


You can meet those first four needs in destructive ways and thereby feel little fulfil, just enough that you are really not happy but you are not dissatisfied enough to change and you will not be fulfilled because you will not growth and contribute. Think about things you do that meet all six of you needs, that you just driven to do them. Then think about things that you hate. It is possible to find new patterns so when doing the same things have all the six needs met. There are questions you should ask yourself to change the way you feel doing different things:

What can I belive about it? Maybe I can belive that I been guided to do this, maybe  I can belive that I truly serve other people, maybe I can get some instruction to feel more skilled in this area. Maybe I can add music during cleaning my house, maybe try to do things in different way than usually. What can I perceive differently. How can I appreciate how important it is. How can I feel more love –  maybe you need feell stronger connecton to Good, maybe just with yourself. Even somebody’s smiles is a contribution for your work, remember about it.

You need to give you these needs, not to wait for them to show up!

Last four days

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To keep track of my life I will cover how my days looked like from last thursday till today… in short of course.


I helped my friends in directing promotion movie for upcoming IT conference by playing a role of ‘bad’ guy. The final version of this production will be post here as soon as I get it.


The next five hours spent on film set. Then 2 hours on my first lesson for  driver’s licence category A. I can say now: If you have possibility to get category A and get a motorcycle just do it! The friday night barbecue as a final point of this day.


Bike tour with my friends, route:  Cracow – Kryspinow – Cracow, distance: 35 km. Saturday night drinking beer with friends in one of the Casimir’s pub garden.


Whole day spent in Kryspinow. This time with bigger group of friends and barbecue. Delicious grilled food for dinner, great cold water and sunbathing on the beach. After being late for the bus to Cracow  – joint ice cream eating.